Manage a User

When it comes down to financial information, it is seldom ok to share the information with everyone. To prevent unauthorized access to the financial information, the Imburse platform lets you create Users. On top of that, the platform also lets you place granular access controls for each user you create in the platform. That way, you will be able to limit who can log into the Tenant Portal interface and what they can do with the Portal.

This guide will walk you through the process of managing Users and their access rights.

Before you Start

Before you start following this guide, we assume that you understand the concepts related to the Imburse platform. We also assume that you have access to your Tenant..

How it works?

  1. When you create a new User, you enter the email address the User will use to log into the Tenant Portal and assign a role to the User.

  2. Whenever the User tries to log into the Imburse platform using the email address, necessary checks will be performed in the background to confirm their access to the platform.

  3. If valid credentials are stored within the Imburse platform for this User, the Tenant Portal shows the features associated with the role of the User.

How to Manage Users?

  1. Login to your Tenant Portal.
  2. Click Users under Tenant menu from the left-sidebar. The Users page appears with a list of existing Users (if you have created them).
  3. Click the button on the top-right corner of the page. The Add user page appears.
  4. Fill the available fields with relevant information. Refer to the table below for more information on each fields.
  5. FieldDescription
    EmailEnter the email address that you want to associate with the User.
    RolesUse the checkboxes to select one (or more) roles for the User. For your ease, a brief information about roles is shown right next to each checkbox.
  6. Click the Send invite button at the bottom of the page to send an invite to the email address you've entered above. A slide-in banner on the top of the page will notify that the User has been created and an invite has been sent to the email address. You will be redirected to the Users page.


What should the User I've invited expect?

After you have sent an invite to the email address associated with the User:

  1. They receive an email from the Imburse Support team with a link to accept your invitation.

  2. If they click on Click to Accept Invitation link on the email, they will be taken to the Imburse platform's Invitation page. There they will have to sign up using the email address, which the invitation was sent to.

  3. Once they have completed signing up, they will be taken to the Tenant Portal.

  4. By then, they will also have received a verification link in the same email address. They must verify their email address to complete the new user sign up process.

The invite I sent to the email address has expired.

You can resend a new invite to the email address. Follow the steps below to resend a new invite.

  1. Goto Users page and find the email address of the User whose invite has expired.

  2. Click on the Resend Invite button.
  3. A confirmation box will appear, prompting you to confirm your choice. Click Yes, send. A slide-in banner on the top of the page will notify that the invite has been resent to the email address.
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