Set up Reward Groups

Sometimes paying a customer in cash might not be the best approach. Sometimes you might need to thank them for their loyalty to your business or add a personal touch to the payment you send out to them. Rewards might come in handy for such situations.

By setting up Reward Groups using Duck Creek Payments, you can use Payment Service Providers (PSP), who provide Rewards as a payment solution, to offer payouts to your customers.

Before you Start

Before you start following this guide, you should understand the concepts related to the Payments application. You have also have access to the Tenant Portal and permission to install and configure Apps.

How it works?

To connect to a PSP who offer Rewards, you will need to install the Provider's App. You can find a list of Apps that connect to the PSP through the Marketplace. Once you have installed the App of your choice, you will be asked to submit the credentials that you use to connect with the Payment Service Provider (PSP), along with the PSP's features that you want to use.

After you have configured and saved the App, you can build a group of Apps that provide Rewards as a payout. You can then have Payments use the Reward Group and transact with the PSPs on your behalf.

Follow this guide to the end to see how to install and configure a Reward Group in the Tenant portal.

How to Set Up a Reward Group?

Step 1: Install and Set up the Reward App

Use the Marketplace page to find and install the App related to the Payment Service Provider, whose Rewards solution you want to use.

See how to install and set up Apps for a detailed list of steps you can follow to the configure App.

Step 2: Create Reward Group

  1. Select Rewards under Marketplace menu from the left sidebar. The Reward groups page appears with a list of all the Reward Groups (if any).

  2. Click + Add on the top right corner. The Add reward group page appears.

  3. In the Name field, enter a unique and meaningful name for your Reward Group. This name will be used to identify the Reward Group when configuring Reward Groups in the Payout Scheme.

  4. Click + Add under the Rewards section or the + Add button towards the far right of the Rewards section. The Add rewards to group page appears.

  5. Use the App field in the page to select an installed Reward App. The Search Rewards button will be enabled.

    You can use the following fields together with the App field to filter your Rewards search.

    - Use the Currency field to select the currency of the Rewards
    - Use the Country field to select the country where the Rewards can be used
    - Use the Brand field to enter the brand, which the Rewards should be related to
    - Use the Amount field to enter the amount of Rewards

  6. Click the Search Rewards button. A list of Rewards will appear.

  7. Scroll through the page and select one (or more) Rewards that you would like to add to the Reward Group.

  8. Click the Add selected rewards button at the top of the page. You will be returned to the Add reward group page.

  9. Click the Save reward group button at the top of the page.

  10. A slide-in banner on the top of the page will notify that the Reward group has been saved. A new field, ID, will also appear on the page with randomly generated value next it. You must specify this value whenever you want to use this Reward group with a payment Instruction.


Reward groups don't appear in the Collect Scheme.

Payments only supports Reward Groups in a Payout Scheme.

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