Getting Started

A suite of documents explaining how the various objects in the Imburse API work together.


Getting starting with the Imburse APIs.


How authentication works and how to create Management and Payout bearer tokens.

Account Management

Managing Account API Keys, setting up NEW Tenants, and managing Tenant API Keys.

Tenant Users

Managing Tenant Users.

Tenant API Keys

Managing Tenant API Keys.


Searching for and installing Apps from the Marketplace.


Managing your Apps.

Rewards Catalog

Using the Rewards Catalog.

Reward Groups

Setting up and configuring Reward Groups.

Collection Schemes

Setting up and configuring Collection Schemes.

Payout Schemes

Setting up and configuring Payout Schemes.

Order Management

Creating Orders and Instructions for collecting or paying out.

Get Payout Options

Get the Payout Options for your customer from a given Instruction.

Claiming Rewards

Claiming a reward.