Last updated: May 31st, 2019


The Apps API functions allow you to find, configure, and uninstall your tenant apps.

Configuring an App permits Imburse to transact with the provider of the App on your behalf.

Access Requirements

You will need a Tenant API Key to perform App functions.

For more information on creating a Access Token, see:


Each App provided by Imburse has a standard set of API endpoints.

Some Apps can have additional App specific functions. Please see the API Documentation for complete App API functionality.

The functions are:

  • Get the list of your installed Apps
  • Get an installed App
  • Configure an App
  • Uninstall an App

API Documentation

The Apps documentation is document in the the App API Documentation.

Configuring an App

After an App is installed into you Tenant from the Marketplace, it will need to be configured.

Call the configuration endpoint below, replacing YOUR_APP_ID with your actual App Id.


Note: The configuration properties for an App are all unique. Please see the App API Documentation for details of how each App should be configured.

An example request for the BRAINTREE_SDK app would be:


and the corresponding body content:

    "publicKey": "string",
    "privateKey": "string",
    "merchantId": "string",
    "settings": [
            "currency": "string",
            "countries": [ "string" ],
            "merchantAccountId": "string",
            "description": "string"

Uninstalling an App

Call the uninstall endpoint below, replacing YOUR_APP_ID with your actual App Id.


For example, to uninstall the BRAINTREE_SDK App, we would call the following endpoint: