Reward Groups

Last updated: May 31st, 2019

Reward Groups

Reward Groups are named collections of rewards that you can reference in your Payout Collection Rules. You can add as many Reward Groups as you need.

An example of a Reward Group could be all the country specific Amazon Gift Card rewards - ie.,, and so forth.

Access Requirements

You will need a Tenant API Key to perform Reward Group functions.

For more information on creating a Access Token, see:


The available authentication functions are:

  • Add a Reward Group
  • Get all Reward Groups
  • Get a Reward Group
  • Update a Reward Group
  • Delete a Reward Group

API Documentation

All the Authentication API functions are fully documented in the Reward Group API documentation.


The following models are used to define a Reward Group.

Reward Group Model

  "rewardGroupId": "string",
  "name": "string",
  "rewards": [
      "rewardId": "string",
      "enabled": true
Property Type Mandatory Description
rewardGroupId guid Yes Auto generated upon creation.
name string Yes A unique name for this Reward Group.
rewards Array of Reward Item Models Yes An array of Reward Items representing
the Rewards available in this Reward Group.

Reward Item Model

  "rewardId": "string",
  "enabled": true
Property Type Mandatory Description
rewardId string Yes A Reward Id from the Rewards Catalog.
enabled boolean Yes Toggles if the reward is available in the reward group.

Adding Reward Groups

When adding a new Reward Group, the name must be unique. The name is displayed in the Client Portal UI to identify the Reward Groups added to a Payout Collection Rule.

Enabling & Disabling a Reward

An alternative to permanently removing a Reward from the Reward Group is to disable it. Use this functionality when particular rewards should not be available to your customers.

Set the enabled property of the applicable Reward Item Model to false to disable the reward. Set it back to true re-enable it.

Deleting Reward Groups

A Reward Group can only be deleted if the the Reward Group is not being referenced in any published draft of a Payout Scheme. If it is being referenced we will return a 400 - Bad Request response with error code REWARD_GROUP_IN_USE.