Rewards Catalog

Last updated: May 31st, 2019

Rewards Catalog

The Rewards Catalog is a searchable catalog of the rewards, gift cards, and rewards offered by all Imburse’s reward partners - in one place.

The API has calls that allow you to view the items in the Rewards Catalog, along with the details you will need for ordering items and displaying item information.

Access Requirements

You will need a Tenant API Key to perform Reward Catalog functions.

For more information on creating a Access Token, see:


The available authentication functions are:

  • Get all Rewards
  • Search Catalog

API Documentation

All the Authentication API functions are fully documented in the Reward Catalog API documentation.

Reward Model

  "rewardId": "",
  "rewardName": "",
  "brandName": "",
  "appId": "",
  "appName": "",
  "countries": [
  "currencyCode": "",
  "isWholeAmountValueRequired": false,
  "valueType": "",
  "fixedValue": null,
  "maxValue": 0,
  "minValue": 0,
  "imageUrl": ""
Property Type Description
rewardId guid The unique id for this reward.
rewardName string The name of this reward.
brandName string The name of the brand.
appID string The Id of the App that supplies the rewards.
appName string The name of the App that supplies the rewards.
countries string array An array of Country codes that this reward is supported in.
currencyCode string The currency code that this reward supports.
isWholeAmountValueRequired bool If true the amount must be a whole number. ie 1, 2, 5, 20, etc.
If false then decimal values are allowed. ie. 2.50, 5.99, 20.40, etc.
valueType string Either VARIABLE_VALUE or FIXED_VALUE.
Variable values will use the minValue and maxValue properties.
Fixed values will use the fixedValue property
fixedValue decimal For FIXED_VALUE value types, this will be the reward amount; otherwise it will be empty.
maxValue decimal For VARIABLE_VALUE value types, this will be the maximum value the reward can payout; other it will be empty.
minValue decimal For VARIABLE_VALUE value types, this will be the minimum value the reward can payout; other it will be empty.
imageUrl string A url to the image for the reward.

The Reward Id

The Reward Id is a unique identifier for each reward.

If you’re searching the catalog to find rewards to add to a Reward Group, the Reward Id value is what you will need to reference back to the correct reward.

The Reward value

Every reward in the catalog has three values associated with it:

  • Fixed Value
  • Min Value
  • Max Value

A reward can be either a Variable value or a Fixed value. The valueType property determines this.

  • Fixed Value - For rewards that are for a fixed value, the fixedValue value will be specified. For example a gift card that is only for €20.00.
  • Variable Value - For rewards that are for variable value, the minValue will be the minimum allowed reward value and the maxValue will the maximum allowed reward value. For example Amazon Gift Cards can be from €1.00 to €1,000.00.

Searching the Catalog

You can search the Rewards Catalog using an App Id, and then optionally with brand name, country, currency, and amount. If you don’t provide any optional filtering parameters then your will be returned all the rewards in the catalog that are supplied by the given App.

If you search by amount, we will return any rewards where the amount matches the fixedValue or where the amount falls within the minValue and maxValue.

The table below shows some examples and the results when searching for rewards that support a €15.00 value:

# Variable or Fixed Min Value Max Value Reward is Valid?
1 Variable €1.00 €500.00 Yes
2 Variable €20.00 €50.00 No
3 Fixed €15.00 €15.00 Yes
4 Fixed €10.00 €10.00 No