Tenant API Keys

Last updated: May 31st, 2019

Tenant API Keys

The Tenant API Key API functions allow a user to perform Tenant API Key administration tasks.

Access Requirements

You will need a Tenant API Key to perform Tenant Management functions.

For more information on creating a Access Token, see:


The available functions are:

  • Create new Keys
  • Get a list of all Keys
  • Get a key by its Public Key value
  • Delete a Key

API Documentation

All the Account Management API functions are fully documented in the Tenant API documentation.


The following models are used to manage Tenant API Keys.

API Key Model

	"accountId": "string",
	"tenantId": "string",
	"publicKey": "string",
	"privateKey": "string",
	"roles": [ "string" ]
Property Type Mandatory Description
accountId string Yes The Id of the Account that owns the Tenant.
tenantId string No The Tenant Id this Key belongs to.
publicKey string Yes The Public Key portion of the API Key.
privateKey string Yes The Private Key portion of the API Key.

The Private Key value cannot be retrieved once created
so it's important this is stored somewhere safe.
roles Array of strings Yes The roles given to this Key.

Creating New Keys
Creating a new key will return the Private Key value in the response object.

This Private Key value cannot be retrieved again so it's imperative you store the Private Key value somewhere safe once created.

Deleting a Key
Once deleted, the API key cannot be used to access any APIs.

This action cannot be undone.