Tenant Users

Last updated: May 31st, 2019

Tenant Users

The Tenant User functions allow a user to administer users for a specific Tenant.

Access Requirements

You will need a Tenant API Key to perform Tenant Management functions.

For more information on creating a Access Token, see:


The available functions are:

  • Invite new user
  • Resend a user invitation
  • Get a list of users
  • Get a user by its User Id value
  • Update a user
  • Delete a user

API Documentation

All the Tenant User Management API functions are fully documented in the Tenant Users API documentation.


The following models are used to manage Tenant Users.

User Model

	"identity": "https://openid.imbursepayments.com/b112d20e-f4de-4dbe-8960-bd5622e7b452",
	"userId": "b112d20e-f4de-4dbe-8960-bd5622e7b452",
	"emailAddress": "myuser@mydomain.com",
	"expiryDate": "2019-07-30",
	"invitationStatus": "INVITED",
	"roles": [
Property Type Description
identity string The unique identity assigned to this user when authenticated.
userId string A unique id for this user within a single Tenant.
emailAddress string The users email address.
expiryDate string The expiry date of the invitation.
invitationStatus string The invitation status.
Valid values are:INVITED,ACCEPTED, and EXPIRED.
roles Array of strings The roles given to this user.

Inviting New Users
Each new user must be invited to the tenancy. An email will be sent to the emailAddress specified which the recipient must then accept before having access to the Imburse Portal. If a user doesn’t receive the email or misplaces it, then the resend invitation method can be actioned.

Accepting an invitation is not part of the API as this is a process that is executed by the recipient using the Imburse Portal.

Deleting a User
Deleting a user will stop the user from logging in once their access token expires or if they log out and attempt to log back in again.

This action cannot be undone.