Searching the Rewards Catalog

Last updated: May 31st, 2019

Searching the Rewards Catalog

If you are looking to create a Payout Scheme that offers Rewards, Gift cards, etc. to your customers, you will need to search the Rewards Catalog to store the resultant rewardId against your Reward Group.

For more information on the Rewards Catalog, see the Rewards Catalog in Getting Started.


In addition to familiarity with the Core Concepts, you’ll need the following:

  • A valid Access Token derived from a Tenant API Key

Search the Rewards Catalog

Using the Access Token acquired in Step 1, we can now search the Rewards Catalog.


Replace the {access-token} placeholder value with the Access Token value.

You can filter the results by supplying parameters in the request.

  • appId - Mandatory - Filter by a particular App Id. ie. TANGOCARD_RAAS.
  • brandName - Optional - Filter by a brand, ie. Amazon, Mastercard, etc.
  • countries - Optional - Filter by country where the reward can be redeemed. You can specify multiple countries by separating with a comma. ie. GB or GB,DE,FR etc.
  • currencies - Optional - Filter by the currency the reward can by redeemed in. You can specify multiple currencies by separating with a comma. ie. EUR or GBP,EUR etc.
  • amount - Optional - Filter by the amount the reward is for. Some rewards are fixed value, ie. 5.00; others are valid for any amount within a range. Specify the amount the you want to payout to filter the rewards accordingly.

In the example request below we have specified TANGOCARD_RAAS as the App Id, Amazon as the brand, and countries as GB. The amount is 5.00.

curl --location --request GET "" \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer {access-token}"


The response will contain all the rewards that match the filter parameters. Please note that for brevity in this tutorial we are only showing 1 of the 10+ results that would otherwise return for this request.

The rewardId property value is what you will need to save for referencing this rewards later in a Reward Group.

  "rewards": [
      "rewardId": "6a30bdaa-483a-2b3f-e28e-0158d0cf07c2",
      "rewardName": " Kupony",
      "brandName": " Poland",
      "appId": "TANGOCARD_RAAS",
      "appName": "Tango Card RaaS",
      "countries": [
      "currencyCode": "EUR",
      "isWholeAmountValueRequired": false,
      "valueType": "VARIABLE_VALUE",
      "fixedValue": null,
      "maxValue": 5000,
      "minValue": 0.01,
      "imageUrl": ""

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