Install and Configure an App

When you are trying to communicate with a Payment Service Provider, you will have to follow a tedious setup process ensuring all the integrations are correct.The Imburse platform has designed and constructed the interfaces to integrate with most of the Payment Service Providers. These interfaces are shipped along with the Imburse platform and are what we refer to as Apps.

Before you Start

Before you start following this guide, we assume that you understand the concepts related to the Imburse platform. We also assume that you have access to the Tenant Portal and permission to install and configure Apps.

How it works?

You can find a list of Apps through our Marketplace, where each App is associated with a Payment Service Provider. Once you have installed the App of your choice, you will be asked to submit the credentials that you use to connect with the Payment Service Provider (PSP), along with the PSP's features that you want to use.

Depending on the App you are trying to configure, the credentails can be as simple as the username and password that you use to login with the Payment Service Provider or as complex as a set of API and Webhook keys.

After you have configured and saved the App, You can then have the Imburse platform use the Apps and transact with the PSPs on your behalf.

Follow this guide to the end to see how to install and configure an App in the Tenant portal.

How to Install and Configure Apps

Step 1: Go to Apps

  1. Login to the Tenant Portal

  2. Select Apps under Marketplace menu from the left sidebar. The Installed apps page appears with a list of all the installed apps (if any).

Step 2: Find your App in App Marketplace

  1. In the Installed apps page, click:
    • the button next to the Search box, or

    • the larger Add box that you will see the Installed apps page.
  1. The App marketplace page appears with a list of all the Apps. Use one of the following options to search for your desired App.
    • Search box next to the Hide filter button to search the name of the PSP

    • Filter panel next to the left-side bar to narrow down the search

    • Mouse/keyboard to scroll and locate the App

Step 3: Install the App

  1. Once you have located the App you want to install, click on the Add button next to the App.

  2. A confirmation box will appear, prompting you to install. Click Yes, install.

  3. The App's setup page appears and a slide-in banner on the top of the page will notify that App installation has completed.

Step 4: Configure the App

  1. In the App's setup page, provide all the necessary information. The information required to provide during the configuration depends on the PSP.
  1. Enable all the features that you want to use with Imburse.

  2. Click to securely store all the information you have provided.

  3. A slide-in banner on the top of the page will notify that App has been configured successfully. You will also see the border around the App's setup page light up in green (as opposed to the initial red) suggesting the App configuration is valid.


I have installed the wrong App and want to remove it.

If you have installed the wrong App, you can easily remove that App from Installed apps page. Follow the steps below to remove an App.

  1. Go to Installed apps page

  2. From the list of Installed apps, select that title of the App that you want to remove.
  1. The App's setup page appears. Click on the Unistall App button on the top right corner of the page.

  2. A confirmation box will appear, prompting you to confirm your choice. Click Yes, uninstall.

  3. A slide-in banner on the top of the page will notify that the App has been removed successfully.

Imburse didn't provide the information required to configure an App. Who should I talk to?

The information required to configure an App can only be provided by your PSP. Contact your PSP to get the information required to setup the App.

I can not see the App for my PSP.

Imburse is constantly adding Apps to support a new PSP. If you don't see the App associated with your PSP, reach out to your Account Manager to check if the App to support your PSP is currently in-development.

How can I see all the features an App supports.

There are two ways to see all the features an App supports.

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